Welcome to Social Foundations of Medicine and Health, a teaching website.

This site is founded on the principle that medicine is a social practice, that medical knowledge is socially grounded, and that the patterns and extent of illness distributions reflect the social world we live in.

Over ten years of teaching medical students, registrars in training and doctors and nurses in practice, I’m convinced that concepts from the social sciences, grounded in practice, can resonate well with clinicians and would-be clinicians.

In this site are gathered many of the teaching materials and outlines  I’ve used across the continuum of medical education.  Please feel free to browse, whatever your background.

If you are a medical student, look here for all the supporting material for Social Foundations of Medicine across all four years at the ANU Medical School, including all the test-yourself questions.

If you are a Masters student, you’ll find an overview of the Master of Culture Health and Medicine program and outlines for courses I teach here.

Clinicians, or those who teach clinicians, may wish to look at the specialised teaching material including games, on working with interpreters, refugee health, or pandemic preparedness.

Interested in the intersection between program evaluation, health promotion, and adult learning?  Try these  simulation exercises and read these papers.

And if you’re searching for inspiration for research projects to undertake as a medical student or Masters student, here is a summary, with links to published papers.  You’ll find work on topics ranging from  the contemporary relevance of the Ars Moriendi  to resettlement infrastructure for refugees.


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